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This is a list of events and conferences that may be of interest to those involved in health systems in South Africa. It is not intended to be exhaustive. If you have any suggestions for additions or corrections please contact Search our database for more events.




The First Congress for the Advancement of Sexual Health and Rights in Africa

2004-02-25 to 2004-02-29

This conference is being held under the auspices established of the newly created African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights (Federacion Africaine Pour La Sante Et Les Droits Sexuels)and is being hosted by the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) alongside with its first congress. The conference has received the endorsement of the World Association for sexology (WAS) The conference hopes to bring together experts in the area of sexuality, sexual health and sexual rights as well as other stakeholders representing governments, united nations agencies, academia, regional organizations, civil-society organizations, women, young people, providers, educators and religious persons. This conference will enable sharing of innovative programmes, dissemination of research findings, alliance building, networking and review of situation of sexual health and rights in Africa, ten years after ICPD. The conference is planned to have plenary sessions, symposia, roundtable discussions and exhibition. For further information on this conference please contact: Andrew Obserholzer Conference Project Manager SASHA P.O. Box 662 PAULSHOF, 2056 Tel: +2711 4782969 Fax +2711 4782950 +27 836160162 (mobile) Uwem U. Esiet African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights Action Health Incorporated 17, Lawal Street, Jibowu Lagos, Nigeria 231-1-7743745 234-804-216-0442 (Mobile)

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