How Excessive Heat Can Make Your Hair Break

It is true that exposing yourself to excessive heat can damage your hair. Typically, the sun’s heat results from UV rays that cause discoloration, which makes the hair dry making them look lifeless. Too much heat results in excessive sweating that makes the hair to stick together hence avoiding the sun and keeping the hair clean can help reduce infection and protect your hair during summer.

However, there are a few basic things that you could do to keep your hair health. One option is to wash your hair with Profollica gel which reduces the conversion of 5 alpha-reductase to DHT. Also, the gel promotes the growth of new hair and enhances the circulation of blood and nutrients within the follicles. It helps to regulate sebum production and scalp oiliness. Alternatively, you may choose to use Profollica pills which are fortified with vitamin is known to prevent receding hairlines. The pill awakens dormant hair follicles into growth and ensures that the hair starts growing.

Profollica treatment

Other things to consider

Other than using Profollica, It is also critical that you limit the use of hot irons and blow dryers because it damages the hair follicles. Thus it is recommended that you keep the heat low and apply softening mousse where possible. Notice that blow-drying can cause the opening of the pores, leading to dirt which weakens the hair roots.

It is recommended that you remain careful when swimming because the hair may be affected by the pool chemicals. It is recommended that you wear a cap to protect the hair against chemicals. Also, you should consider getting your hair trimmed during the summer season to avoid damaging the hair.

In conclusion, if you suspect that you have exposed your hair to a lot of heat, start using Profollica gel which will help to give temporary relief from dryness, prevent scalp condition and protect it from damage.