Which is the next epidemic to hit South Africa?

According to a study made by The New England Journal of Medicine, South Africa is facing significant problems in its health system in spite of annual efforts of improvement. As it is, the medical staff has increased with not less than 40% between 2003 and 2012, more than in any other Sub-Saharan country. Unfortunately, this positive step is not enough, and the country is facing dangerous epidemics that could soon become just as concerning as the HIV outbreak.


The dangers of a hemorrhoid epidemic in South Africa

One of the greatest perils that threaten the current state of health in South Africa is a hemorrhoid epidemic. Due to the ever-spreading poverty, poor education and lack of access to medical information many people could soon develop piles. This medical condition that swells your rectal veins and produces bleeding stools is not contagious. However, medical records show that members of the same family or community can develop this condition due to sharing the same conditions of bad hygiene or poor nutrition.

Fortunately, an over-the-counter drug that cures hemorrhoids in record time can eliminate the threat of piles in South Africa. Venapro is a natural solution for swollen rectal veins that relieves the pressure and the pain generated by this condition. Through long-term treatment, this remedy for anal problems will deflate the oversized intestinal glands and restore full health.

Next-age treatment for piles

South Africa is still fighting a hard battle against HIV. Nevertheless, medical researchers and doctors in this country do not overlook the other health problems that might affect Afrikaans. As it is, they have endorsed and recommended Venapro to the patients that are struggling with piles.

Many voices in the medical field talk about a slow but steady normalization of the South African health system. They believe that effective treatments for hemorrhoids like Venapro and other over-the-counter medicine can help the Afrikaans overcome the current epidemic threats.