If you can’t take pills, use SizeGenetics

Nowadays, more products are being introduced as a treatment for certain illnesses or problems. Some may sound effective, but in truth, it will never improve the person’s health or issue. This applies more to pills or chemically infused medications that have no justification that it’s safe to use.

So, if you’re here to find out the safest and easiest solution to solve any of the following: erectile dysfunction, penis size (length and thickness), low libido, and much more. Then, SizeGenetics treatment is what most men would recommend.


According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, people should be more careful about using a product, specifically pills and liquid formulas that may claim how it uses the safest ingredients to lessen the side effects of the enhancement.

Always remember that any drugs (pills, syrup, tablets, etc.) have side effects, and are more dangerous to use without supervision from professional doctors.

Modern vs. Alternative Medicine

Modern medicine is a type of treatment that has chemical or scientifically formulated ingredients. Meanwhile, alternative medicine has a combination of traditional and natural formulas. To understand this more, modern treatments are pills and drugs while alternative medicines use harmless and natural herbs and tools.
Since most people are adamant about the use of drugs, the only answer is natural treatments. The problem is, there are too many products to choose from that you may either waste your time and money on using each one.

SizeGenetics is what most American men use due to its’ huge benefits. You won’t have to gulp down a pill or two, all you need to do is to use the device provided a few minutes a day.

You will see improvements after a few weeks of regular use. More and more people slowly choose traditional treatments than modern ones because it’s more effective and safe. What are you waiting for? It’s possible to solve your dysfunctional package with the use of this product!