Increasing concerns of male health in South Africa

A medical study released in 2009 revealed that South Africa held almost 17% of the HIV-infected patients in the world. Unfortunately, nearly ten years later the statistics have not changed too much and the country is still boasting the largest number of AIDS carriers on the planet.


Most of the Afrikaans infected with HIV are young men. Guys that are ready to start a family cannot do so due to their medical condition. While the birth rate is rapidly descending, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of middle-aged men that have yet to be infected. Unfortunately, they are struggling with a low libido, erectile dysfunction and a staggering lack of sex drive.

Why South African men have a low libido?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the male sexual health happening now in South Africa. A long string of factors that include political changes, economic instability, poverty, and depression have all been linked to this medical condition. Erectile dysfunction is very much present in the country, and millions of men are struggling to have strong erections or to last long enough in bed.

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Health concerns and prevention

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