The new idol worshipped by South African women

To the foreign eye, South Africa looks like the land of desperation and disinterest in divine help. The many years of racial segregation, poverty and wealth inequality have left the country in a desperate search for something new to believe in.

Idol Lash

Although it does not have supernatural powers or the charisma of the late Nelson Mandela, a new cosmetic product has attracted the adoration of all South African women. Idol Lash is a beauty enhancing treatment that sustains the growth of thick, dark eyelashes. For the millions of women struggling with short, thin hairs on their eyelids the release of this product seems almost like a divine gift.

A new worship symbol in South Africa

A report from the late 2000s showed that 54% of the citizens in South Africa were facing extreme food insecurity. Living below the breadline is dangerous and depressing, especially for young women who want to explore the world and enhance their good looks. The severe conditions of poverty prevented many of them from approaching safe and healthy cosmetic or medical services and products.

Fortunately, the release of accessible products like Idol Lash has raised the spirits of South African women. With longer and denser eyelashes they grew more confident and managed to overcome the harshness imposed by a poor economic climate. Now, they have something to believe in, something that truly works.

How Idol Lash works

Short, flimsy eyelashes are the nightmare of every woman. This unremarkable feature can weigh heavily on their chances of finding a partner, a job or simply to be attractive on a day-by-day basis. Fortunately, with Idol Lash, they can double the size and the density of their lashes in less than four weeks. Long-term use also nourishes the follicles and ensures a steady production of new hairs from healthy roots.