How low libido influences the birth rate in South Africa

South Africa has a long history of lost battles in the medical field. The current medical care system is a crippled structure inherited from the apartheid era that the government and the NGOs are desperately trying to rebuild. Besides the HIV epidemics, the country faces a record low concerning birth rate.


A recent study made by the Institution of Statistics in South Africa shows that Afrikaans women have an average 2.6 children. Inadequate nutrition, HIV, a low libido and a precarious lifestyle is believed to be the causes behind this small figure.

South Africa birth rates endangered by HIV

A large percentage of the South African population is infected with HIV. Due to many decades of poor education and restricted access to medical information, many young people do not understand the dangers of this disease. The ones who are aware of the peril of being an AIDS carrier are so scared that they avoid having intercourse. Constant fear of STDs decreases sex drive, especially the female libido, which might be a responsible for the current state of the birth rate.

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An enhanced libido influences childbirth

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