South Africa wins battle with poverty through fungus treatments

Traveling through South Africa nowadays can leave you with mixed feelings. On the one hand, you can see the damaging effects of the 46-year apartheid regime that ended in 1994, such as poverty, crime, racism, and lack of medical services. On the other hand, you can notice the impressive efforts that people make to stir the ship in the right direction.


One of these endeavors is getting rid of health concerns raised by poverty and poor environmental conditions. The lack of hygiene has created the perfect habitat in which fungal bacteria can develop, and this led to many people suffering from toenail fungus even in the major cities. Without proper treatment like ZetaClear, this condition, also known as onychomycosis can destroy the entire nail bed and the skin around it.

The endless battle with poverty

A study made in 2009 showed that poverty and high levels of wealth inequality were responsible for most of the chronic diseases and even for premature childbirth. Fast forward eight years to present day and this cold reality has not changed too much for the South Africans.

The lack of political stability has weighed down the medical system, which has lost control over major health concerns like HIV, cancer, and diabetes. The combination of improper medical care and poverty has empowered even minor medical conditions like toenail fungus to affect a significant percentage of the population.

The best fungus treatment in South Africa

Until recently, things looked worse for the South African people regarding onychomycosis. However, the release of ZetaClear – a highly effective cure for fungal infections – has tilted the scale in favor of health and wellness. This all-natural treatment is very easy to use, and it has no adverse side effects. Its small price makes it available for a large part of the population, who can get rid of nail fungus in just a few weeks of daily use.